5 Best Indonesian Coffee Beans For Gifts to Coffee Lovers

Indonesia coffee

Having a long story of coffee cultivation, Indonesia is known to be one of the best and the largest coffee exporters in the world. Each variation of Indonesian coffee specialties from different areas has its own unique taste and characteristic, making them a very good tasting experience for every coffee lover out there. If you are new to Indonesian coffees or would like to buy gifts for your beloved coffee lover, don’t worry, we got you covered here!.

The History of Indonesian Coffee

The history of coffee cultivation in Indonesia started with Dutch colonialism back in 1699, when Hendrik Zwaardecroon sent arabica coffee seedlings from Yemen to Batavia (now Jakarta). The Dutch planted those seedlings around the Batavia area then found out that the climate and soil structure in the area was suitable to produce good coffee products. Following the findings, more coffee plantations were then established in several areas of Java and some parts of Sumatra and Sulawesi. The production and trading process of the coffee bean products were monopolized by VOC, a Dutch megacorporation for resources and products trading at that era.

By the mid of 1870s, the arabica coffee plantation areas were expanded to more parts of Sumatra, Bali, Sulawesi, and Timor. Then in 1900, robusta coffee was introduced as a substitute for arabica coffee plants that were struck by coffee rust disease in East Java. The robusta coffee beans then spread across Sumatra during the 1920s.

In the 1950s – as soon after Indonesia’s independence – the Dutch-owned plantations were nationalized and then managed as state-owned plantations under PTPN. Today, coffee becomes one of the huge sectors of Indonesian crop production. Since the crop areas are spreading across the country, every coffee regions show variations of environmental conditions and production systems, resulting in various tastes that make each kind of coffee beans taste uniquely amazing. The popularity has made Indonesia becomes the world’s fourth-largest coffee producer and exporter, allowing people around the world to taste the earthy, gentle-sweet Indonesian coffee.

Indonesian Specialty Coffee Beans

With the said long history of how coffee was cultivated in Indonesia, now the country is famous for several coffee specialties from across the territory. Below are the list of 5 top famous Indonesian coffee specialties that we recommend you to taste!

● Aceh Gayo Arabica Coffee
If you like heavy and syrupy kind of coffee with an earthy and exotic spicy taste, you should try Aceh Gayo arabica coffee. This specialty coffee is known as premium coffee that is mostly exported to European, Asian, and American countries. With its rich taste, Gayo coffee is perfect to be blended to enhance the coffee aroma and strong coffee characters.

● Bajawa Flores Arabica Coffee
One of the best original Indonesian coffee is the Bajawa Coffee that is produced in Bajawa, Flores. This specialty coffee is really famous among Americans and Europeans who favor strong coffee flavors. If you also favor a spicy and fruity taste, with an addition of natural caramel and dark chocolate flavor in your coffee, Bajawa Coffee is a must-try that you should never miss.

● Kintamani Bali Arabica Coffee
Kintamani coffee has become a proudly original Indonesian coffee that has a unique and competitive taste compared to other types of coffee products. The aroma of the beans is like the mix of dark chocolate, orange, and lemon, while the flavor is most likely sweet-syrupy-like, but also chocolate-bitter-like. Having the advantage of the cultural history and the unique taste, Kintamani coffee is famous around the coffee market of Japanese and also several other European countries. The low caffeine level on the bean brews making Kintamani coffee perfect for afternoon coffee time.

● Sumatra Mandailing Coffee
Sumatra Mandailing, or also called Mandheling, is known for its smooth, rich, and complex taste. It is also often noticed with earthy and intense coffee with a herbal aroma that can’t be found in other types of coffee beans. The coffee plants are grown in North Sumatra and Aceh areas and got its name after the Mandailing people from the Tapanuli region in North Sumatra. The best way to enjoy Sumatra Mandailing coffee is to be cold-brewed. Nonetheless, if you like espresso drinks, Sumatra Mandailing coffee is also perfect to be paired with milk or cream without losing its flavor.

● Toraja Arabica Coffee
The unique and special characteristics of Sulawesi Toraja Coffee has made it a popular coffee variety in the world market, especially in Japan. This coffee specialty offers subtle spicy hints and a smooth aftertaste with an earthy aroma you can smell when the beans are brewed. With those amazing tasting profile, Toraja coffee beans have been considered luxurious goods among high-class people and expatriates, making it the best option to make as a luxurious gift for coffee lovers around the world.

The Indonesian coffee specialties above are our best Indonesian coffee recommendations as a gift a coffee lover. If you are unsure of where to buy the best coffee beans of your likings, feel free to browse our coffee collections below!

Aceh Gayo Coffee Arabica 200g

The coffee is better known as "Gayo" Coffee because of its distinctive aroma and taste characteristics. Gayo coffee is a variety of Arabica coffee that is one of the leading commodities originating from the Gayo Highlands, Central Aceh, Indonesia. The strong character of gayo coffee flavor, low acidity with a little spice flavor, makes it very popular, especially in the United States and Europe. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE Weight: 200 gr Type: Arabica Grind Type: Powder, Medium Fine Grinding, Whole Beans Origin: Aceh, Indonesia

Arabica Kintamani Coffee

$55.00 $45.00
For sale original Arabica Kintamani coffee, FREE SHIPPING Made from Indonesian Arabica coffee beans which creates a full, strong, and rich flavor to produce a cup of coffee with an amazing aroma. Coffee from Bali is grown in the highest area of the northern island of Bali, the mountainous area of Kintamani with a cool climate and volcanic soil making it a good environment for growing Arabica coffee. This aged Kintamani Arabica Coffee Tree has a delicious and rich coffee aroma. Weight: 200 gr Type: Bali Kintamani, Medium Fine Grind Origin: Kintamani, Bali - Indonesia

Arabica Toraja Coffee

Proudly presents the famous Toraja Coffee in Indonesia. From the best coffee plantations in the fertile Toraja land in South Sulawesi, high quality "Toraja" coffee beans are selected, well combined, and roasted to produce a full flavor and amazing aroma, so you can enjoy an amazing cup of coffee. FREE SHIPPING worldwide Free gift message Weight: 200 gr Type: Arabica Toraja Grind Type: Powder, Medium Fine Grinding, Whole Beans Origin: South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Bajawa Florest Arabica Coffee 200g

Flores bajawa coffee's distinctive character is its blend of nutty and tobacco aromas. Her thick body with balanced acidity creates its own pleasures. The uniqueness of this taste is also influenced by the way organic cultivation and planted in soil containing volcanic ash. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE Weight: 200 gr Type: Arabica Grind Type: Powder, Medium Fine Grinding, Whole Beans Origin: Florest, Indonesia

Mandailing Sumatra Coffee

$55.00 $45.00
Arabica coffee from Sumatra, rich in flavor and special, has long been a classic Indonesian coffee. Full of aroma and unforgettable, reminiscent of the fragrant aroma of spices. Make quality treats for coffee lovers. FREE SHIPPING Weight: 250 gr Type: Arabica, Whole bean or  powder Origin: Sumatra - Indonesia

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